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screenshot_259Luke Jones of Hero Health Room contacted Threescooking.com through our Submit link.  I’ve been out wandering through his blog site and must say that I see a kindred spirit there.  His About story is inspiring.  I couldn’t have written a better post than his Whole Food Plant Based blog. His Thai Green Rice Curry recipe looks positively yummy.

Luke has this message for all of us:

Really enjoying your blog. It’s a great resource, keep up the great work!

I run a site called Health Room, where I look at ideas in health, lifestyle and sustainability. I place a big emphasis on the importance of nutrition, and include original recipes for whole food, plant based meals. Over the next year I will also be developing a cookbook for sale.

I try to focus on simplicity, as well as taste – to make the recipes as accessible as possible. I want to show people that eating a whole food plant based diet does not have to be difficult, boring or expensive – it really can be easy and enjoyable. I think this way, we can reach the maximum number of people!

All the best

Luke Jones

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